Continuing Colossal Comcast Comedy of Errors

Faithful reader, I am sure you are the edge of your seat waiting to find out the next step in the Colossal Comcast Comedy of Errors. For those of you now quite up to speed on all my writings and rantings, click here.

Allow me to do a quick review of whether or not Comcast’s Comments were followed through. On Tuesday the 5th at 11AM EST a Comcast Representative posted on my blog:

I run Comcast Voices (where you left a comment detailing this issue last night) and first off I want to apologize for your trouble.

Secondly, I just wanted to let you know that I’ve passed your comment/issue along to our digital outreach team. Someone from that team should be contacting you shortly, but should you need more help with issues like these you can always email them directly at

On their blog I had posted a comment and the same rep posted this response:

Hey Brandford [sic],

Sorry about all the trouble you’ve had getting a modem self-install kit. I’ve forwarded your comment to our digital outreach team who should be contacting you shortly to resolve this issue.


I have no problem with that as they are answering both posts I made. But lets review it is now about 30 hours after the forwarding of the comments to the outreach team. Anyone want to guess … no contact yet.

However that is not the sharp stick in the eye, the sharp stick in the eye came when I went to the local office as they indicated we should. It is not possible to call the local office directly to make sure that they have the modem in stock or ask other questions. I went to the local office on the afternoon of the 5th, walked up to the counter (there was no wait which was better than expected). Gave the agent all my information and had the modem. Her response was that they would have to "roll a truck" to us and we had the choice of Friday between 1 and 4, Saturday between 10 and 1 or between 1 and 4. My first comment was, "Why?" Her answer was the letter was wrong. The letter we received in December and acted upon on December 12th was wrong.

Let me understand this situation, the company knows that the information they sent was wrong. They did not try to rectify it or proactively communicate that fact. Now you might be saying, well it might not be fast enough or how would they know my contact information? Let’s see they provide my internet access, they provide my telephone service, and they have our address. So they have the following options to contact us proactively: e-mail, telephone, or postal system. They did not use any of them.

When Jennifer contacted them, both by phone and e-mail, they never indicated that there was an error in the communication and that they would have to come out to do the upgrade. So let me count the amount of times we contacted them with no indication of this problem one phone call and two e-mails. It have allowed us to schedule the service call at a more convinient time, such as when work had the holiday shutdown.

Jennifer wanted to close the loop if there was an open ticket still so she sent the following e-mail to them:

Just as a matter of follow up, my husband took time off of work to go to our local service center, as we were instructed. I had tried to call ahead of time to make sure there were modems available, but I could not call the store directly, only the customer service 800 number. When I did this, I was told to take the old modem and it would be replaced at the center. When my husband got to the service center he was told that the new modems could not be picked up, but must be installed by a service tech. He mentioned the letter we received, as well as the e-mails and phone call to customer service, but was told that they were incorrect. We now have to wait for a service call scheduled for this Saturday.

I trust that you can understand our complete frustration at this point. We have received conflicting information from the original Comcast letter, customer service (two different e-mail reps, and one by phone), and finally from the local service center.

At this point all we can do is hope that the service call on Saturday will go smoothly and this will finally be resolved.

Comcast’s response was:

Dear Jennifer,

Thank you for contacting us regarding your Comcast High Speed Internet service. My name is Marilyn. It is my pleasure assisting you with this matter.

Jennifer, I understand your frustration and I am sorry to hear that. I apologize for the inconvenience that it may caused you. Rest assured that I will look into your concern. However, for your security more account information is needed. You will need to chat with us to provide this information, and to get the assistance you need.

Asking for this account information is for your own protection and guards against someone changing your account information without your permission. This also helps our agents process your request quicker. Please remember that you must be the primary account holder to make any changes.

You can chat with one of our Online Customer Support Specialists 24 hour a day, 7 days a week at

Thank you for your patience. I know your time is important.

I am happy to inform that you can view and pay your bills online. All you have to do is sign up in

To assure the proper tracking of this issue, we have created the following customer service ticket: XXXXXXXX. Please refer to this number should you contact us regarding this same issue. Thank you for choosing Comcast. We appreciate your business and have a great day, Jennifer.


Comcast Customer Care Specialist

Let me see, the response was not applicable, there was no request for making any changes. Apparently the process of reading the customer’s thread that included the incident number is not part of the "The Comcast Customer Experience: working everyday to improve" process.

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