Comcast Complete?

Bradford Benn    January 10, 2010    No Comments on Comcast Complete?

So yesterday, Sat Jan 9, the tech showed up at the appointed time and replaced the modem. He also fixed some other issues with the connection serving my house I was not aware of, such as that the signal was coming in to hot. It seems to have gone well, however I am amazed at how difficult it was to get to this point. I was very polite to the Tech (actually I was asleep for most of it and the L&T Jennifer was very polite to the tech). It is definitely much much much faster. Since I was asleep I do not know all the issues that were looked at, but it sounds like it was not just plug and play, but that could have been the signal issue – which in reality should have been discovered and addressed when the modem was installed during the upgrade to “Triple Play” – Phone, Internet, TV.

The reason I am not ready to say that it is complete yet is that I want to make sure that there is no charge on the bill first. I am still disappointed that it was so difficult to get completed and that the process took as much complaining as it did. I am not sure if Comcast Cares on Twitter or we_can_help email made a difference or not, I wonder if they will follow up. That will be interesting and quite telling of their customer service commitment.

I have decided that it is just coincidence that that living room TV decided to stop accepting HD at the same time. That is not sarcasm that is the truth as the PS3 HD signal also does not work. I did all the proper troubleshooting of changing connections, cables, sources, etc. and the HD input seems to have decided to sync anymore.

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