Comcast Customer Service Fails Again

As my faithful reader will know, both my friend Bruce and myself have had disappointment with Comcast and their customer support in the past six. We have both written about the issues, The Comcast Show and Technology Can Be Fickle; so with another challenge on the horizon I figure it is time to once again share Comcast’s failure with you the reading public.

In December we received a letter (click here for an image of the letter) indicating that our Internet service would be upgraded from 16Mbps to 22Mbps, this upgrade does require an upgrade to the modem. The letter indicated that there were “three convenient ways this may be done”

  • Exchange the modem at the local payment center
  • Request a self-install kit be mailed at no charge
  • Schedule a Comcast Tech to install it but there would be a service charge

On December 12 the L&T Jennifer called and requested the self-install kit. I am fairly technical savvy so I should be able to swap a modem. Also since the modem is also our phone connection it would minimize the downtime. Jennifer indicated that it took quite a while for the people to understand that they were supposed to send us one – as indicated in the ltter.

On Saturday, Jan 3, the L&T Jennifer sent the following follow up via the online form (the online chat was not available):

On 12/12/09 I requested, by phone, to have the new modem required for the updated internet service be mailed to my home. I was told it would take approximately five days. I know shipping gets slow during the holidays, but I just wanted to make sure that we would have our new modem by 1/5. Thank you!

She received the following response on Sunday:

Dear Jennifer,

Thank you for contacting Comcast High Speed Internet service. This is Gary. I understand that you are confirming the delivery of your modem.

I am more than happy to assist you with your concern today. I apologize for the inconvenience. I know how important it is for you to have your modem delivered. Rest assured that I will do my best to address this concern. I am happy to direct you to the closest payment center in your area. Since it is likely there are several payment centers near you, you can determine which one is most convenient to you by following this link:

Once you access the site, enter your address and ZIP Code, and then click “Submit.” If the system cannot determine your payment center location by your address, you may be asked for more information to clarify your location. When you locate the center nearest to you, verify they offer services for High-Speed Internet. If you are presented only with a general mailing address, please click the View Map link to bring up a list of payment centers in your area. To assure the proper tracking of this issue, we have created the following customer service ticket: YYYYYYYY Please refer to this number should you contact us regarding this same issue. Thank you for choosing Comcast. We value your business. For further questions or inquiries, please visit

Sincerely, Gary
Comcast Customer Care Specialist

Jennifer’s Response was:

Hi Gary,

Thank you for your quick response.

The problem with the local payment centers is that they have such restricted hours that I am not able to get to them, which is why I requested to have it mailed. I now have to take time off of work to get the new modem.

I am disappointed that the letter we received said the kit could be mailed, but when I called to have it sent, the customer service agent tried to dissuade me and have me go to a local Comcast center. I explained that it was very difficult and again requested it be mailed, as the letter offered. Now it appears that it was never sent, as the agent told me it would be, ensuring that I would have to go to the local office.

I hope that you will pass along my disappointment

Thank you,

Jennifer Benn

The response was:

Dear Jennifer,

Thank you for contacting us regarding your Comcast High Speed Internet service. My name is Diana and it is a pleasure to have the opportunity to assist you today.

I sincerely apologize for any unpleasant experience you had recently with your Comcast service and thank you for bringing this matter to our attention.

We need to hear about any unsatisfactory situations in order to correct them and to enhance our level of customer service. I have forwarded your comments to the appropriate members of our development and management teams for further review and action. We appreciate that you took the time to help us keep our commitment to quality customer care.

I understand that you ordered a Comcast Modem and have it as a Self Install Kit. Also you are having problems picking your modem up on one of our local office. I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this matter caused you. However, since you are on a Self Install Kit basis, you will really need to go the local office to get your equipment. This will ensure the security of your modem and you can directly inquire to them if you have questions about your new modem.

If you have further questions regarding this inquiry, or should any unpleasant experience arise regarding your Comcast High Speed Internet service, please do not hesitate to reply to this e-mail with a detailed description of what you are facing.

Or you can chat with one of our Online Customer Support Specialists 24 hour a day, 7 days a week at:

For additional information, we have now combined and accounts. We call this system upgrade Credential Migration. You will only need one log in information to access all of your Comcast accounts. For you to be able to access your billing account, you will need to log in to with the primary user name and password.

I appreciate you take time to write us about your inquiry. Thank you for your patience. I know your time is important.

To assure the proper tracking of this issue, we have created the following customer service ticket: XXXXXXXX.

Please refer to this number should you contact us regarding this same issue.

Thank you for choosing Comcast, Jennifer. We value your business with us. Have a great day!



Comcast Customer Care Specialist

Jennifer’s Response was:

Thank you Diana,

It is fine if I have to go pick it up, the bigger problem that I have is that the initial letter we received from Comcast offered mailing as an option when it obviously was not.

Thanks for your help,


So guess what I get to do on the afternoon of the 5th? If the blog is off the air, you can probably guess why. I wonder how they are going to handle the guarantee that they keep advertising on Comcast that if they miss or are late to an appointment that they will provide a free service. Oh look there is a link to send an e-mail to Rick on the bottom of the page — false alarm it is just the same form. I also wonder if I should share this fun with the FCC as this is impacting my phone service as well. I will not even start about the fact that they provide different levels of support and services between Macintosh, Linux, and Windows.

2 thoughts on “Comcast Customer Service Fails Again

  1. Scott McNulty


    I run Comcast Voices (where you left a comment detailing this issue last night), and first off I want to apologize for your trouble.

    Secondly, I just wanted to let you know that I’ve passed your comment/issue along to our digital outreach team. Someone from that team should be contacting you shortly, but should you need more help with issues like these you can always email them directly at

  2. chris

    Hey just to let you know you’re not alone with Comcast’s fails. I was chatting online tech support with them and they didn’t even have the decency to put my name in the form field. they referred to me as (customer name). I mean really. my name was right there on the chat. Comcast fails.


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