My ten most recent blog posts:

  • Commissioning Art (7/27/2015) - I have started purchasing more and more custom art. The artists vary from graphic novel artists to colorists to cartoon animators to musicians. As my friend Bill knows,when asked what I want for the piece I say “Artist’s choice.” I have said it to him so many times to him […]
  • Welcome to the new look (7/4/2015) - After many years I decided to launch a new look to the site. I am still tweaking the look and feel. Please feel free to comment and enjoy your visit.
  • C2E2 2015 Photos (4/28/2015) - I went to my first “con” this past weekend, C2E2 in Chicago. I am still processing the photos I took, but wanted to make sure that people are able to find them. So the photos are available at I am still in the process of editing and cleaning up the […]
  • Creative Commons Share and Share Alike for my domain (4/26/2015) - As I was taking pictures this weekend I thought about how I want people to be able to use my content and thoughts. Part of this was sparked also by my recent appearance on AVNation’s AVWeek Podcast Episode 189: I Know Who To Call. Tim brought up some topics that […]
  • New Workspace (4/5/2015) - Over the past few weeks I have been more mindful of my health and the amount of time I spend just sitting. I could be sitting in front of a computer, in front of the video display providing entertainment, sitting in the car … etc. Yes, it is no longer […]
  • Literal Bible Thumper (3/31/2015) - Today’s most awkward/frustrating moment, and there were lots to choose from, having coffee at Starbucks. I was at Starbucks sitting quietly with my laptop open, which has a collection of various adornments on it, at one of the larger tables. A person comes up and asks if he can sit […]
  • Unsubscribe Hall of Shame (2/4/2015) - As most of us have, I have provided my e-mail address to various companies when doing online shopping. These submittals often result in receiving promotional e-mails from the company. When I get a promotional e-mail I consider if I would like to continue to receive the information and whether or […]
  • Patrons and Recipients (1/2/2015) - As the new year begins, I have been looking through some of my patronage. I am using the term broadly, it  includes Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Patreon, Bandcamp, direct subscriptions, and lump sum payments. It is an interesting dance that occurs in the Internet commerce age. There are multiple ways to purchase things currently, it […]
  • Office Charity Drives are Difficult (12/12/2014) - As the holiday season is upon us here in the United States I am being asked quite often for donations or contributions while I am at the office. These requests can open up a quagmire of issues so I always politely decline with the statement that “I don’t donate at […]
  • Free Loot Day is Coming! (11/12/2014) - As my faithful readers know, both of you based on my recent Google Analytics report, I believe in being nice. As the holidays (or is it Holidaze) are drawing closer I wanted to remind you about some posts I wrote previously. These are just some thoughts for the season. Also what happened […]