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Uploading Photos on the Go

My work requires that I travel quite often and with lots of electronics, no I am not a professional photographer I just play one on the Internet. Just for reference my airport security checkpoint process typically takes four bins to get everything separated as needed. I have found that it is possible to travel with my personal iPad for photography… Read more »

Free Loot Day Giveaway 2011

SmugMug has put their money where my blog posts are. They have given me something to give away – a one year pro membership. Yes, you read that right a one year pro-level membership. You get all of the great SmugMug services I have already talked about. More information about pro-level services is available here as well. So, you are… Read more »

Some times the value exceeds the price

A friend of mine gave me a gift of a free 16×20 print from Metalpixs.com. I have been very happy with metal prints in general. Not only are they unique, but I don’t have to go through the process of getting a frame and mounting. I take the print out of the box, decide where I want it, hang on the wall, done. Yes, it is that easy. So when I got the free print I was happy to get it. I have been using BayPhoto through my SmugMug Pro account.

Why I like being a SmugMug Pro Account Holder

Someone asked me the other day why I like SmugMug so much and what I do with it that is making my life easier. So I figured it was worth answering. The main reasons I like it can be summed up in one sentence: "SmugMug lets me easily control, distribute, and manage my images." That single phrase however overlooks a… Read more »