Why do I not sleep?

Last night I could not fall asleep, this morning I woke up with a doozie of a headache. It was just plain painful.

So I am trying to figure out why I do not sleep. I can be tired and yawning, but just not sleep. I have tried reading, watching TV, listening to music, Soduku… etc. Still I can not fall asleep.

I am surprised I am still awake given how little sleep I got. I think I might have gotten four hours of sleep, maybe less.

Interesting times at work with the changes in Prez for Harman Pro and Crown, so now comes the trickle through effects. So VP of Marketing and Engineering is now the Prez of Crown… so now to find two new VPs. I am concerned as to who will become VP of Marketing as that will directly effect me. Wrong person becomes VP and I could be looking again.

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