People are impolite

Bradford Benn    September 28, 2007    No Comments on People are impolite

So I am sitting in the Red Carpet Club in LAX, or is it at LAX. Just sitting here minding my own business at a desk doing some work e-mail. This older gentleman comes in and a desk away he throws his briefcase onto the table and keeps on walking. I am not exageratting he litterally through his briefcase/bag onto the table and it went skidding across. It knocked the phone off the table and banged into the light. I figured okay maybe he is in a hurry as nature might be calling.

Nope from there his wife follows him in. She sits across from him in a chair and they start having a conversation at fairly high volume. To say she seemed like a nag is putting it nicely. She is telling him what to do and how to call people and make his schedule and the like. They are arguing across the aisle way. Then they decide that they need to make a call on the speakerphone. I am not kidding, one can not make this stuff up, truth is stranger than fiction. So I got to listen to them talk with their daughter as they were acting as their attornies about some homeowner’s assocation issue.

It is down right rude and comical and sad all at the same time.

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