Motorcycle Accident – That is why I wear the gear

So today [Sunday, April 12, 2009] at about 6PM it was a nice sunny day and 55F. So I was going over to a friend’s house for some cigars. I decided I wanted to take the motorcycle, the VFR. I then was debating what to wear, it is about 5 miles to my friend’s house. Jacket and Jeans? Aerostich Suit? Hmmm I decided it was ‘Stich weather. I am glad I did…. it did its job about three miles from home.

Damaged Riding Gear - Click for Larger Image

I was going straight and I thought that the SUV coming out to my right was not going to stop at the stop sign. I locked up the rear wheel trying to brake and it slid out and I slid down the road at about 40MPH. It was quite surreal I can remember pretty much the whole thing. I felt the rear end coming around to the left, did I turn to the right? I felt the road hit my right hip. I saw the road coming up and thought, I hope the flip up helmet holds. Make a fist so you don’t break your thumb like your brother did. The flip up held, The fist worked.

I slid down the road and watched the motorcycle keep going on its right hand side. I pick my self up and think am I okay? I think so, do inventory. Everything attached. Thumb there but a little skin scrapped away. People from the SUV come out and check if I am okay. I then notice that they have the spinner hubcaps, I wonder if that is why I thought they weren’t stopping. They call the police so I can file a report, even though it was just me – I figure I need it for insurance. A Yamaha Rider stops and helps me take the bike out of the road and over to the side. I call the L&T Jennifer to ask her to come and grab the camera. The Yamaha Rider helps me take inventory of the VFR. I found out the bike would start and shift. It is rideable. The police arrive and I say, “let me guess license, registration, insurance…” I get all that out. I hand it to the officer and he chuckles and says “I am going to assume that your insurance is good as this card doesn’t take effect until the 15th.” Yup, I swapped it too early. He also commented on how well the gear worked. So after the paperwork is done Jennifer follows me home.

So here is the list of injuries:

  • Left Thumb
  • Right forearm
  • Blackberry imprint on the right leg
  • Sore left knee
  • Sore right shoulder
  • Bruised palm
  • Soreness all over
  • Pride

My pride is injured as it was most likely preventable, I think I braked too hard.

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8 thoughts on “Motorcycle Accident – That is why I wear the gear

  1. Clint

    Phew — very glad you’re okay, and that the gear paid off.

    Interesting thought about the spinners — I don’t know that I realized before that aspect of how they could be dangerous.

    Very good writeup.

  2. Tina

    Brad, glad that you are okay. ATGATT, right? If this doesn’t show you nothing will.

    Take care and start the Ibuprofen now.


  3. Paul

    I never realized there was such a problem with the spinners – very interesting design error. Simulating movement is clearly dangerous. Maybe I should take them off the Prius 😉

    Glad you’re OK.

  4. Kane

    Brad, really glad you’re okay! Fast or slow, the damage can always be severe. I have had the same exact sensation about spinners and have nearly had the same accident you did. I’m proud of you for dressing properly. A little sweat is much less annoying than a skin graft! Get back on your horse, and ride, ride, ride!

    Glad you aren’t hurt seriously. Wanna sell the VFR?

  5. Eric

    Another addition to the statistics that show most accidents happend close to home (pehaps because that’s where we ride the most?). My worst bike wreck was 1/2 mile from the house. Have fun with the insurance company.


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