Stop casting blame and work on solving the problem

Abandoned Factory

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I drive by this every day, at least twice a day:

It is the closed factory next to where I work.

Over the past few months I have been growing more and more frustrated by the political discourse that is going on in the USA. I believe that the politicians are missing what impact their actions, or inactions, have on people. This came to a head for me with the brouhaha forming over when a Presidential Address to Congress should be scheduled for. For those that are not familiar with it, more information is avaibale at this CNN article, “Dispute erupts over timing of Obama address to Congress

This comes on the heels of the issues with the debt ceiling debate. A game of brinksmanship played between the political parties in Congress. For years these debt-ceiling raises happened very quietly without much fanfare or awareness by the public. A history of the debt ceiling can be found at

However with the current issues going on, what I am seeing is that it appears that each side is not working for success but for the other side to fail. Let me say that again, in my opinion each side is not working toward a solution but is working to make the other side lose.

To me this situation is obscene and a dereliction of the duties that the parties were elected to carry out. The politicians were elected to govern and run the government as we have asked them to. They were not elected to win the next election. However that appears what is happening., they are working to get reelected, not to make the situation better.

I believe that both sides of the issue have contributed to this situation. One party had already scheduled a political event for Wednesday, September 7, 2011; the President then scheduled an event for the same time. That appears to have been targeted to directly go head to head with other event.

The fact that both parties were not willing to work together for a solution; such as moving one event back by 30 minutes and the other ahead by 30 minutes, is a large problem.

I liken the political situation to a house fire. Currently the house is burning, the fire department (politicians) have arrived on the scene. Rather than start putting the fire out the parties are first trying to determine the cause of the fire. Meanwhile the house continues to burn. Yes, it is important to know the cause of the fire, but not at the expense of destruction. Most people would put the fire out first, then investigate what caused it so it can be prevented in the future.

I urge everyone, no matter what your political viewpoint, to tell your representatives to stop bickering over blame and fix the problems first. There will be more than enough blame to go around. Now if you will excuse me, I need to write a letter to my representatives.

2 thoughts on “Stop casting blame and work on solving the problem

  1. Kyle D. Cole

    Amazing. Great points to all!

    I’m incredibly fed up with our political situation ON BOTH SIDES as well since it seems that instead of a country being run by the people for the people, it’s a country run by the career politicians for the career politicians. When all you do in your lifetime is “serve the public” that is a ruling class, not an elected official…for God’s sake, please, we need term limits!

    Wonderful points!


  2. AVwriter

    Yes and yes. Your post perfectly echoes the feelings of most people (people, not politicians!) But will writing a letter make any difference? It’s a start…


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