Blogging into the Blind

Bradford Benn    January 22, 2014    Comments Off on Blogging into the Blind

As I was looking at last year’s statistics for my website and sub sites I was fairly disheartened. I have very little followers and have not sold any prints. I thought about it a little and realized that one of the main reasons is that I have added very little content over the past year. I added a total of 6 posts last year, not really exciting and constantly updating. This year I plan on adding more content more often. As we all know, the best laid plans… or as I say life gets in the way.

My post popular post created in 2013 was “Convention Caricature Caused by Production Values” with a total of 105 views according to Google Analytics. My most popular post was actually from two years ago with 778 views, mainly coming from Google searches, about how the NHL makes it difficult to be a fan. Interesting to see what is popular and how some posts have staying power. i have had a total of 2 comments posted and some pages that have had no views at all.

What does this mean to you my reader, well I am not really sure. I do however have a question, what topics would you like to read about and see posted on the blog? I have some ideas, but figure I would ask and see if there are any burning questions that I have not covered in my Unasked Questions page. Would you rather see lots of shorter posts or less frequent longer posts?