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Bradford Benn    November 29, 2015    No Comments on Content Conveyor

It has been a while since I actually added content to the website, so I figured it is time. Actually it is way past time. My current status is to be pitched into a writing frenzy powered by caffeine, booze, and insomnia. Ah the trifecta! Once again allow me to remind everyone, I write this blog, and all of my domains, are for my entertainment. If you are having fun, even better.
Since I last wrote in July, things have been interesting. There have been lots of moving parts in motion, including my brain. So before I dive in to content a couple of random notes and points.

– I still like my standing desk.
– There is now a seated desk/work surface in my home office as well for various reasons.
– I am now collecting Funko Pop Figures, more about that later.
– There have been work reorganizations going on that makes me still not sure what is going on.
– Travel for work is still at a high rate.
– A new website has been created at
– I am doing more things that make me happy even if I suck at them, such as video games.
– Sometimes people come back and find you when you need them, unexpected; even if you didn’t know you needed them.
– Being a grownup at times really sucks.
– Separation of work & personal is more and more important as time progresses.

My goal during this writing spurt is to have some blog posts in the queue so that there can be some consistent content for people to come and enjoy.
Please sit back, relax, prepare to be amazed by the wandering trails of my thoughts.

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