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Bradford Benn    December 31, 2015    No Comments on My Photo of 2015

I was not planning on doing a selection of the “Best of…” as I find them odd. However after a tweet from Marian Call simply asking, “Have read all of Twitter. Tell me one good thing about your 2015?” My first answer was a little flippant of saying meeting Marian. Yes, that is still a highlight.  After I thought it a little more I have a better thing to share. This picture shows a highlight, a good thing of 2015.

Allow me to provide a little more detail, that would probably help some. That is panel 64 of the National Air and Space Museum’s Wall of Honor, a permanent memorial at the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center. Let me point out why I took this picture.

 Bradford @ the Smithsonian Twice

Yes, that is a picture of me pointing at my name. Bradford R. Benn: Foil 064; Panel 001; Column 002; Line 080.

It is the first time I have had my name inscribed for a donation that I made. Okay, really Jennifer made as a gift for Free Loot Day 2014 but I think you get the idea. I am proud of that. I have made donations fairly regularly through out my adult life. My family has instilled the importance of sharing and I truly believe in supporting causes that are important to me. My name has been placed on things as a result of my family’s philanthropy. This inscription is different.

This inscription is the first time it has been my name from my donation. It was not about the amount. It is about the fact that I actually have left a visible mark. I am not naive about the fact that I am on foil 64. I know that I am part of a large group. That is not what is important to me. It is something I did. It is something that I can point to proudly. Which I did, in the rain, wearing a Star Wars Empire shirt.

If you find yourself in Chantilly, VA feel free to go look me up. It would be great to see other people pointing at my name.

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