Change is constant, except from vending machines

So my astute reader will notice that I have changed things around here some what. I was slightly hacked. I say slightly in that the hack was that malicious php code was inserted and if you went to certain pages on my blog, their content was served. So I have done some clean up along the way. I have the old data located at is you really want to see it. I also deleted almost 300 posts. What you might not have noticed is that it is also a new instance of the blog. The reason for the new instance, I have been using the same database and the engine for quite a while. I am sure there is detritus in the database. The other big reason is that I wanted to change the site navigation around some and put a different spin on the site.

But why the site in general. It is for my entertainment, enjoyment, education (these are words with an E this time). Yes there are things I want to share and am passionate about, but given the numbers of visitors, why bother. Well cause I want to add back to the data pool. I also want my own soapbox. Maybe one day this will all catch on and I will become a successful blogger and have lots of followers. Maybe I won’t. Not sure it matters.

In terms of the hack there is a PHP upload feature that was used to upload their own code. I have made some changes since then. I have enabled two factor correction for the blog. I have made all connections use HTTPS. I already had disabled FTP and only allowed SFTP. I changed passwords.

Yes, I will keep blogging elsewhere and linking back but for now I have decided it is worth keeping the blog around. Even if it is just me reading it. Same reason I share photos. I guess it is the modern version of “Dance as if no one is watching.”

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