Greetings and welcome. My name is Bradford Benn and well, this is my domain. I put this site together to have a place to share my thoughts, ideas, and creativity. You will find that the content here ranges from artistic images to application of technology and everything in between.

I am a self described Technologist and work in the professional audio industry. My avocational interests include photography, technology, hockey, and space.

My idea is to share knowledge and opinions and improve things for everyone; leave things a little better than I found it. I do not expect, nor do I want, everyone to agree with me.

The opinions expressed here are my own. I do not speak for other people here, including but not limited to my employer. The content provided here is provided for information only; basically if it doesn’t work for you, sorry. When appropriate I provide attribution or links. If you feel that I have not done so, please feel free to contact me. I ask that you provide attribution and a link to my site if you use my stuff.

If you are wondering what you can do to say thank you for something you have seen on my domain, I suggest helping out two organizations I support: Electronic Frontier Foundation and Child’s Play.

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you enjoy your visit.
Remember I do this for my fun and amusement, if you enjoy it all the better.

last updated June 27, 2015