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The default name that just is a catch all

Change is constant, except from vending machines

So my astute reader will notice that I have changed things around here some what. I was slightly hacked. I say slightly in that the hack was that malicious php code was inserted and if you went to certain pages on my blog, their content was served. So I have done some clean up along the way. I have the… Read more »

Content Conveyor

Bradford Benn    November 29, 2015    No Comments on Content Conveyor

It has been a while since I actually added content to the website, so I figured it is time. Actually it is way past time. My current status is to be pitched into a writing frenzy powered by caffeine, booze, and insomnia. Ah the trifecta! Once again allow me to remind everyone, I write this blog, and all of my… Read more »

New Workspace

Over the past few weeks I have been more mindful of my health and the amount of time I spend just sitting. I could be sitting in front of a computer, in front of the video display providing entertainment, sitting in the car … etc. Yes, it is no longer a television, most don’t have tuners and are just displaying… Read more »

Patrons and Recipients

As the new year begins, I have been looking through some of my patronage. I am using the term broadly, it  includes Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Patreon, Bandcamp, direct subscriptions, and lump sum payments. It is an interesting dance that occurs in the Internet commerce age. There are multiple ways to purchase things currently, it can be done as a finished good being purchased or… Read more »

Blogging into the Blind

Bradford Benn    January 22, 2014    Comments Off on Blogging into the Blind

As I was looking at last year’s statistics for my website and sub sites I was fairly disheartened. I have very little followers and have not sold any prints. I thought about it a little and realized that one of the main reasons is that I have added very little content over the past year. I added a total of… Read more »

People Suck

Bradford Benn    April 17, 2011    3 Comments on People Suck

I think that people suck. I do not think that persons suck, just that people in general are very self centered and do not think of anyone but themselves. I know that this statement is odd coming back from a vacation, as typically that is when you think most people get more relaxed, and I did. It was also a chance for me to people watch and think about how people interact with each other. My friends don’t suck, it is people in general that suck. I do think the situation is curable – we just have to think about others and how we might impact them.

Three Rules

Bradford Benn    August 6, 2009    1 Comment on Three Rules

So I was chatting with Kyle (Dr. Nick) & Kim over some fine adult beverage and talking about one of Kyle’s blog posts. So I shared with him my three rules for life; and he said  I had to write about them, so that is this entry. Some people have heard these rules before, but that points to the importance… Read more »