After a decade of wanting a motorcycle, I finally got up enough courage to do something about it. So I took a Motorcycle Safety Foundation Rider Safety Course. After passing the class, I purchased my first motorcycle a Yamaha VStar650 Classic. I picked it for a few reasons, it was cost effective, it had a shaft drive, and it had a low center of gravity for better stability.

After getting my confidence and enjoyment up, I purchased a 2002 Titanium Silver R1150RT in June of 2002. I love it. I put more miles on it in three months than I did the entire year before on the Yamaha VStar650 Classic. I can go riding for hours without getting uncomfortable. And despite the fact that it is bigger, it is easier for me to pilot than the VStar.

Since I believing in dressing for the crash and not the ride, I do quite a bit of sweating. However I have also started to collect various protective gear for the different weather conditions and projected distance. I sat down and realized that I have spent more on protective gear than I did on the VStar! So sometimes I look like a big red Gumby in my Aerostich Roadcrafter, most often it is BMW apparel as it is nice and cool