The Independent Musicians

As some of you might know in my previous life, I was an audio technician touring with various groups – some known and unknown. I also happen to have eclectic musical tastes. In the past few years I have stumbled upon some musicians through the Interwebs. I have supported some through Kickstarter, Bandcamp, buying direct, and most recently Patreon. I… Read more »

Convention Caricature Caused by Production Values

As my faithful readers know, I had a less than stellar production experience while attending the Supernatural Convention. For those of you who are not familiar, Supernatural is a television series on the CW network. The lovely wife was lucky enough to win free admission to the convention. I went along to take pictures, they can be found at…. Read more »

Tweets against the audio machinery

As some of you who follow my Twitter feed, I went to a fan convention with the wife last week. I am still gathering my thoughts and writing a blog post about the experience. However I wanted to gather all of the Tweets together in one location for those that might has missed some of the experience. So presented in… Read more »

Why a tie?

Bradford Benn    June 7, 2013    1 Comment on Why a tie?

I started wearing a tie to work in late February of 2013 and people are commenting, but not asking. So far only one person has asked me why I was wearing the tie. What is interesting is who asked me. The General Manager of my business unit, in other terms basically the brand president. Given how often he and I… Read more »

Math for the Win

So I was watching the Mars Science Laboratory Lander (@MarsCuriosity) land and I thought about some of the discussions that had occurred during the NASA Social meeting to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Cape Canaveral. We had people from the launch teams join us for some discussions. One of the comments that @NASA_Caley made resonated with me, “There are 7… Read more »