Just because it is on the Internet doesn’t mean it is free

Recently I ran across this story http://thestolenscream.com/ about a picture that was taken from a photographer’s Flickr site and was being used around the world. He was not being compensated. It is both an amazing story of how something can go around the world from just being good and how at times people’s work is stolen. The video is 10… Read more »

The airplane challenge for help, software, and interfaces

Another blog post written at 32,000 feet as that is when the issue hit me. I have various electronic devices as my dedicated reader knows. I have previously talked about various data access connection challenges. This new challenge is not one of my own doing. It is a poor user experience or use case definition. This problem was illustrated by Amazon and their Kindle applications, but it does not apply to just them. This challenge happens to many applications beyond this example.

Why Net Neutrality matters?

Over the past few weeks there has been talk about Net Neutrality, including the FCC making rulings. I will be the first to admit that me writing about the issue is a little late, as the decisions have already been made. The decisions are not final and with Joe Lieberman now wanting to be able to turn off the Internet it is time for us to get more involved with the issues.

Some times numbers don’t do something justice

So I use SmugMug to host my photos as they have some really cool features and people there. I also started following a few of them on Twitter, and there was a tweet that just made my head hurt, so I sat down to do the math on it. Okay, I also used Wolfram Alpha to help with it. The… Read more »

Signal to Noise

Bradford Benn    September 23, 2009    No Comments on Signal to Noise

So a few days ago I posted a Tweet that said, “signal to noise is important, not just in audio but in life“. That post was an amalgam of someone’s tweet commenting on the palaver at their job result of the amount of Tweets I was getting from one stream. I realize that the single stream is not an indictment… Read more »

Three Rules

Bradford Benn    August 6, 2009    1 Comment on Three Rules

So I was chatting with Kyle (Dr. Nick) & Kim over some fine adult beverage and talking about one of Kyle’s blog posts. So I shared with him my three rules for life; and he said  I had to write about them, so that is this entry. Some people have heard these rules before, but that points to the importance… Read more »

Interesting E Book Occurrence

So in a previous post I commented on how I was not sure that Electronic Books might not be perfect. Well Amazon did something that I had not thought of: they took back a purchase. Basically they deleted George Orwell’s books 1984 and Animal Farm from users’ Kindles due to rights issues. The complete stories are listed below… http://pogue.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/07/17/some-e-books-are-more-equal-than-others/ http://www.nytimes.com/2009/07/18/technology/companies/18amazon.html… Read more »

Motorcycle Accident – That is why I wear the gear

So today [Sunday, April 12, 2009] at about 6PM it was a nice sunny day and 55F. So I was going over to a friend’s house for some cigars. I decided I wanted to take the motorcycle, the VFR. I then was debating what to wear, it is about 5 miles to my friend’s house. Jacket and Jeans? Aerostich Suit?… Read more »

Interface makes quite the difference

So I have gotten a Playstation3, I also have PS2, PS1, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo GameBoy, Windows, and Mac. So to so I have various gaming environments. So there have been some games that are available on multiple platforms and I have had a chance to try a few of them. On the PS2 I enjoy playing the SSX series of… Read more »