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Help Secure Everyone’s Email by Encrypting

I do solemnly swear to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States to ensure that we can all communicate freely and privately

Previously I wrote about the protection I am adding to my mail by using PGP or GPG. You can find the article by clicking here. My involvement with the EFF and AVNation have also included comments about privacy: AVNation Privacy & EFF Mail Links. Something I realized while thinking about this subject is that if one sends very few encrypted… Read more »

Stop casting blame and work on solving the problem

I drive by this every day, at least twice a day: It is the closed factory next to where I work. Over the past few months I have been growing more and more frustrated by the political discourse that is going on in the USA. I believe that the politicians are missing what impact their actions, or inactions, have on… Read more »