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My Photo of 2015

Bradford Benn    December 31, 2015    No Comments on My Photo of 2015

I was not planning on doing a selection of the “Best of…” as I find them odd. However after a tweet from Marian Call simply asking, “Have read all of Twitter. Tell me one good thing about your 2015?” My first answer was a little flippant of saying meeting Marian. Yes, that is still a highlight.  After I thought it… Read more »

Math for the Win

So I was watching the Mars Science Laboratory Lander (@MarsCuriosity) land and I thought about some of the discussions that had occurred during the NASA Social meeting to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Cape Canaveral. We had people from the launch teams join us for some discussions. One of the comments that @NASA_Caley made resonated with me, “There are 7… Read more »